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Fashion History #3 Renaissance

October 13, 2015

Hello fellow fashion historians, can I call you that? I feel since we are going through the history of fashion, we are discovering different things about these centuries. So lets be fashion historians for this series. To our new historians, hello and welcome I will brief you on the previous two fashion history's
So I have talked about where it all began and what we have learnt and developed from different cultures. Then I went on to talk about the Medieval Era where body shape and clothes being more fitted were introduced. 

Now let's get started on this week's post.

On to all things Renaissance......
So this was a period in time where we have moved away from drapery and started to understand what a more fitted garment was like. It's also a point in time where tailoring was introduced and trust me, what a time to be alive in!
As you can see in the pictures above the dresses became, a more fitted bodice and a full skirt. The full skirts were widened and gathered at the waistline. The bodice on the other hand became smoother and fitted by creating structure through stiffening. Through stiffening the garments became rigid due to boning, this is where the development of Corsetry came from.

Now coming into present day, I wanted to talk about a collection that was inspired by the Renaissance. The collection was from a Milan fashion week back in the AW12 (Autumn and Winter 2012), the designer being Dolce&Gabbana. It was there take on Italian Renaissance, they took quite a lot of elements from the history in that time. 

Lets speak about the collection, so the structure of the garment and corset was reflected in the dress above. We all know that pearls and crowns were a favourite because of Queen Elizabeth being a major fashion icon in this period of time. And where would the Renaissance be without their cloaks or robes!

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Also what did you love most about the Renaissance? 

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