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Look Magazine Weekly #19th October

October 15, 2015

Hello my lovelies I hope everyone has been having a good week or are excited for the weekend like I am. I finally can catch up on my sleep when Saturday comes, it's been so cold this week that even getting out of bed is a struggle. But enough about that, lets talk fashion and style!

On to all things LOOK.... 

So what's FashtasticFlare found this week, there are two articles I thought to talk about today. Let's get started with the Chanel Airlines, now when I first saw this on social media I was like since when did Chanel have an airline??? Then I realised it was their innovative idea for a runway, I must say its very unique and will go down in history as a memorable runway show. The thing I love about Karl Lagerfeld is, he really knows how to make Paris fashion week stand out!

Not only did I love this lovely marigold gown with a plunging neckline by Giambattista Valli, but I loved how Gigi Hadid made a statement in this dress to stun all those body shamers who are critiquing her. She's a beautiful women and she definitely silenced those haters in this gorgeous gown!

My style picks are from H&M and Reiss. I don't know what it is but I feel like I am always loving something from H&M every week and I think everyone is seeing this pattern. 
The H&M pick of the week is this skirt which is £49.99, its just WOW. I am really drawn to like and it gives off a Halloween vibe to me. I think it's probably because it's reminds of the mother from the Addam's family, but this is more elegant and sophisticated! ;)
The other style pick is another skirt, I think its because I am in need to add some skirts to my collection. This skirt is like a brown sugar colour and it has lovely lace trimmings at the hem and at the waist! It is a skirt you can take from day to night and you can style it for a lovely cocktail party!

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