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Look Magazine Weekly #26th October

October 22, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I think I am slowly becoming a night owl since I am writing this post so late into the night. I am normally in bed, all warm & cosy, dreaming about wonderful things! *sigh* I feel like I am drifting away from the whole point of this post. For all the new wondering eyes that have gazed upon this post, this is a post where I talk about the latest fashion and style gossip from my favourite magazine, and I pick articles and clothes I have enjoyed in this week's issue. Let's get started before this night owl becomes a sleepy puppy!

On to all things LOOK.....

Now I know I have mentioned midi pleated skirts, many times in this series. I think LOOK has finally understood my vision in some way. Let me explain, we both feel that this piece in particular can make your look, look like something off a catwalk! I love how the New Yorkers have added there twist on it, by pairing them with knits. It definitely adds that edge to it!

Moving onto the next topic of discussion, I have seen that Miss Selfridges has launched their Little Black Dress collection. My first thoughts, there are some interesting pieces that have caught my eye, and there is a sense of uniqueness between each dress which is great to see. As being a lover of lace I would say, I see dresses that I would simply like to wear, I would recommend checking the collection out!

This week I have only chosen one style pick but I wanted to include a red carpet dress.
Let's talk about the dress, it's a beautiful marigold gown, with lots of pleating and gathering at the waist. From the sweetheart neckline to the cut outs in the bodice there is something mesmerising about this dress. I guess that's what you get when you put a Bond girl on a red carpet, Yes she is the new bond girl and she suits the role to the T!

To finish off, the pinafore dress is something all girls should be looking to invest in! They are great to style and give off a school girl vibe! This berry coloured pinafore is only £22.99 which is very affordable considering I spent £40 on one a few years back!

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