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Look Magazine Weekly #2nd November

October 29, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are having either a great half term or are looking forward to the weekend, like I am. As all students know the work load can be forever piling up, but I feel like I am finally getting my life more organised. You know when you tick off something on your to do list and that sense of gratification you get, is so relieving. I need to stop rambling on and get started on this week's post!

On to all things LOOK.........

If you know fashion like I do then you will be aware that Balmain has been working closely with H&M to launch their very own collection with them and I am in love with what they have produced. Not only did I see that it was trending on twitter #Balmination but I saw a Youtuber wearing a piece from the collection. My favourite piece from the collection is the black and gold dress, I just love the intricate embroidery detail and embellishment. The dress is £299.99 but I think it's worth the price because how many people are going to say they owned a Balmain dress and for that price, especially when you have the likes of Kendall and Gigi running the campaign.

On to the style picks of the week. The first being this lace up detail skirt from River island, I think it is very different and gives a great slit on the side. The skirt can be styled up or down but either way you will be giving off a daring/edgy vibe which is just what you want. Could be great for Halloween, just think about....

The another style pick is this new collection from Little Mistress, the dresses are great for the upcoming parties and Christmas meals. You will be like a show stopper on top of the Christmas tree, where everyone will be gazing as you dazzle them as you walk by!

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