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Chanel November #1 Who is Coco Chanel?

November 03, 2015

Hello my lovelies I am back with a new series,
This series is Designer of the month. Designer of the month will consist of me, picking one designer every month and talking about what I love about their collections, achievements, what inspiration I take from them and the history of there career. This series will have 4 posts a month, every Tuesday and what better way to start it off then the woman Coco Chanel herself!

Welcome to Chanel November

On to all things Chanel......

Now everyone who is a lover of fashion or not, has heard of the brand, whether it is her clothing, her perfume, makeup, we know who she is.

We have heard of the brand but do we know the story behind the brand, well this is what I am here for to give you an insight into what I have learned about the woman behind the black dress!

Born in 1883 her name was Gabrielle Chanel, the word Coco was the name her dad gave her.  At a young age she was given away to an orphanage. Upon the age of twenty this is where Chanel became recognised, people know her now for her empire. However Chanel first turned to millinery which is the craft of making hats. Who would of thought that Chanel started off making hats, it's these little ideas that create big things.

One thing I have always been intrigued about was the logo of Chanel, and what was the significance about it. I found out that it was two C's, which stood for Chanel herself and Capel who was her secret lover.

Lets talk about Chanel No 5, this is the most iconic perfume. Everyone's knows it, many people have worn it but few know the woman behind the bottle. No 5 came about being the 5th sample of the batch, it also happened to be her lucky number. What a lucky number it was! The first release of the perfume was on the 5th of May 1921, as she wanted to commemorate her favourite number!

The woman who revolutionised the black dress and made pearls look beautiful, she was a woman of many talents. A woman called Coco Chanel.....

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