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Look Magazine Weekly #16th November

November 13, 2015

Hello lovelies I hope you are well and are looking forward to the weekend. It's finally the long awaiting Friday where we can all relax from a somewhat stressful week. 

Now I am going to explain something about this post series, for those who have been following it for a long time, you know I normally post it on a Thursday. However for the past week I have posted it on a Friday. The reason being that on a Thursday I have a full day at university and do not get back until 5:30 in the evening, then I am doing university work until 11:00pm. So you can see my dilemma, for the remainder of this year you may see this Look Weekly post to be posted on a Friday sometimes, I will try my best to stick to Thursday but on an occasion it may be posted on a Friday instead.

Now that's done, 
On to all things LOOK...

We all love a bomber jacket but we probably have not been daring enough to proceed with the basket checkout button. When I think of bomber jackets, it kind of reminds me of the 80s/90s and like in the American films the varsity style jackets are very big when going through high school years. I just love the style it gives and I know they are super comfy.  Why not take your bomber jacket further with some personalisation, it's like putting your twist on it.

Velvet is a fabric you should be loving if our not loving it already. Velvet is great for the colder seasons because, the thickness of the fabric will give you all the warmth you need. It's great for evening/ night outfits and lucky for you, high street shops have been experimenting with the different types of clothing. So go out and hit the the shops and find your velvet piece, I know I will be. I have seen some great pieces in H&M so that's where I will be starting.

I hope you enjoyed this week's post, if did then leave a like. 

Leave a comment telling me what's your favourite, bomber jackets or velvet styled clothing?

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