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Look Magazine Weekly #9th November

November 06, 2015

(In Adele's Voice) Hello from the other side, You must've viewed a thousand times, To ask me where is my new post.

I just thought to do a different type of intro which is truly Adele inspired because the beautiful Adele is on the front of this week's issue. I know you are thinking ,why is she posting this today and where were you yesterday! The reason being, I was not feeling too good yesterday, so I could not write or publish the post. But I'm here now so let's get started.

On to all things LOOK......

I have been doing some browsing or should I say window shopping this week and I have noticed that suede has shifted there attention to trousers. I'm like whaaaaaa? I mean it's amazing I have been loving the look of the suede skirts and trousers are going to be great since the material is well suited to the season. Who would have thought the day would come where we can wear skinny suede trousers! Amazing!

As the weather is starting to get more horrible and grey, everyone turns to there coats but would you consider a hi-shine trench. When you first hear the name you are like is there a coat of such out there, but worry not my friends there is! Topshop and Dior have come up with there creations and take on this style. If want a coat that will let the rain runaway then a hi-shine tench is what you need in your life.

Onto what brands have caught my eye this week, these brands are Boohoo and United Colors of Benetton.
Starting with Boohoo, I have been browsing at there dresses and cardigans this week and I must say they have some great stuff. But what I loved was the fringe styled skirt, it looks so fun!
Moving onto United Colors of Benetton, they are new brand to me because I have not heard of them before. What particularly got my attention was the houndstooth skirt and shoes, I love houndstooth. I think the berry top and houndstooth is a great combination for this season!

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