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Dior December #1 Who is Christian Dior?

December 01, 2015

*Drum Roll please* Welcome to Dior December! This month's Designer is the man himself, Mr Christian Dior. He's such a fascinating man, because he launched a fashion career later in his life and became a major brand we all know and love! 

Time to talk all things Dior.........

Dior was French by nationality, I mean all the great designers are right. I think the Italians will beg to differ. However Christian Dior is a designer the French and the rest of the world will never forget, not only did he live through 2 world wars; he revolutionised fashion and made you believe that it is never too late to launch a fashion career.

Dior came from a very rich family, his family wanted him to go into a more diplomatic career. Dior followed his heart and that laid with his artistic skills, I guess later this is where he realised fashion and art can be combined.

He open a small art gallery in his youth, but when his mother and brother died his father fell into depression. This caused them to suffer financial. Dior had to close his gallery and come home to look after his dad and manage the finances in some way.

This is where the Dior house came about.....

I am going leave you on a cliffhanger now, so make sure to stay updated and follow my blog!

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