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Dior December #2 Dior's First Collection

December 08, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all having a good week so far. Christmas is in like two weeks, where has the time gone. As we know it the New Year will be here and that will mean a new Designer of the month. (When you realise you are drifting too much into the future *giggles*)

Let's forget about that for a moment and focus on the present! I am back with the second Dior post of the month :)

On to all things Dior December......

So this week's post is all about Dior's first collection, the first collection that caused all types of popularity and started his career. The collection was called the New Look and this particular outfit was the one the media went crazy about. 

This was the bar suit which sparked off many different opinions and news in the fashion industry at that time. Dior always wanted the clothes to shape the woman, and to show off the curves of the female body!

Regardless of what other people thought about the length of the skirt and how it restricted women from the way they wanted to dress. Everyone wanted a piece of this collection. The New Look's Full Skirt was what all woman were dreaming about back then. Many people reviewed the length of the skirt as unpatriotic, I disagree.

Dior wanted women not only to feel good but to look good and this skirt portrayed elegance. I feel not everyone was able to see Dior's vision behind the skirt.

Dior never imagined to gain so much fame after one collection and this gave him the opportunity to expand his collections over many horizons. His artsy side came out when he was designing and sketching his future pieces. Dior connected through his work by sketching them first, this was all part of the design process for him. He knew that once he had envisioned it he would be able to create it and so he did.

This is why Dior is now a multinational selling brand and everywhere you go, you will know the name! But by the end of the month you will know the man behind the brand. I will take you on a journey as if you lived alongside Christian Dior himself.

Lets depart on some wise words from Mr Christian Dior Himself

"Women have instinctively understood that I dream of making them not only more beautiful, but also happier." - Christian Dior 

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