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Dior December #4 My Favourite Collection

December 22, 2015

Hello my lovelies, how are you all doing? I cannot believe Christmas is 3 days away and soon it will be 2016. It's amazing how fast a year can go and how fast this month has gone. Can you believe that this is the 4th post of Dior December and we only have one more to go.

On to all things Dior December......

This week's post is about my favourite Dior collection, and I have to say since I watched Dior and I, I was mesmerised by the way Raf Simons presented his first collection. It makes you want to look at a range of photos from the catwalk, I wished I was there to see his vision through my own eyes.

His first collection will not only be special for him but one, people will never forget. I am so intrigued on how he envisioned the walls to be covered in fresh flowers, it makes you feel at one with nature.

Let's go through my favourite pieces......

All these dresses are iconic and special in their way. My favourite is the white dress. It reminds me of the flowers on the wall. It has great elegance and poise like the flower itself. The green and red/black dresses are truly amazing because they are inspired by an artist's work. To be able to portray all those colours is not easy and he definitely pulled it off. Hands down one of my favourite collections and I will never forget this, don't think many people will.

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