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Dior December #5 What Does Dior Mean To Me?

December 31, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all having a lovely day. I know, I know this post is late. I can explain it's kinda the aftermath of Christmas and preparing for New Year's that I have not had any time to write this post. However I wanted to get this in before the New Year! 

As you now this is the last post of Dior December, I hope you have enjoyed reading about all things Dior, and if Dior wasn't the designer for you then check out next month's Designer of the month where we depart from France and go exploring to Italy.

On to things Dior December......

One thing I have learned from Dior is that it is never too late to start career or pursue anything in your life. I have admiration for Dior, in the way he achieved so much in so little time. He always had significance to all the things he created and designed.

Many people do not know the significance of how Miss Dior the perfume came about. Miss Dior was in dedication to his sister. It's really lovely that he made such an iconic perfume in reference to his sister.

I feel that when I become a fashion designer one day that I would be quite similar to Dior in the aspect of being a more visual person. His background came about as an artist, and before the design was created he often envisioned it and did a variety of sketches. And I loved art when I was in school. I think I have that same trait, I am a very visual learner!

As this post is coming to an end I would like to leave you with a some of my favourite quotes from the French man himself, Christian Dior:

'A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting'. - Christian Dior

'The relationship of a couturier with the press is like a love affair - a never-ending love affair, renewed each season, involving endless intrigues and reconciliation.' - Christian Dior

'I was French couturier, but I had to understand the needs of elegant women all over the world.' - Christian Dior

'Couture ... the best possible proof that there is magic abroad.' - Christian Dior

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