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Balenciaga January #1 Balenciaga as a Designer

January 06, 2016

Hello my lovelies and welcome to the first blog post of the year!
Now before I start this post, I have made a school girl error already and I would like to apologise. If you are wondering what I am rambling on about, it is that I revealed the Designer of the Month in my recent video. In my video I stated that Balenciaga is an Italian designer as well stating it in my last Dior post. I would like to correct this because Balenciaga is actual a SPANISH designer. #AwkwardMomentOf2016SoFar

With that cleared up,
On to all thing Balenciaga.....

We have now left Paris and are heading over to Spain! Aloha Amigos!!
Cristobal Balenciaga was very influential in his time, but if I am honest I didn't really know much about him and his collections. But this is good because we can all learn things about new people.

He was a very well established designer of his time and started designing very young. He met Miss Chanel and learnt a great deal from her because he has designed work in Paris. It was said that he had competition with Mr Christian Dior but Balenciaga seen nothing of it. These two designers dominated the Parisian Haute Couture after the Second World War.

Much of his inspiration came from the country he was born in as well as his mother paying a great influence to some of his early designs.

That is all from this week's post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please leave a like.

Also what are your views on Balenciaga so far?

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