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Grammys 2016 : My Favourites

February 18, 2016

Hello my lovelies and I am back with the another post. We all know the media is overflowing with events this month. We had the BAFTAs on Sunday and the Grammys earlier this week and Oscars are at the end of the month, so you can see that I am going crazy. How does one keep up on these events?! It's a good question, but I am coping. 

On to all things Grammys.......

We all know  how big this event is for the music industry, this is the award all musicians/artists etc dream of picking up. This gives me another chance to look at who rocked the red carpet at the Grammys this year. 

I short-listed 4 dresses, each having something different. And trust me when I say this, there were some weird outfits on the red carpet this year. It is pretty much expected from those people though!

Selena Gomez in Calvin Klein

I had to start with Selena Gomez, She looked perfect! Not only does she have the perfect figure but I don't think I have seen such a sexy sequin gown in my life. I mean could sequins be this sexy, Selena definitely proved they are. She definitely dazzled everyone's hearts when she walked down the red carpet. From the plunging neckline to the cutaways to that sexy open back, she amazed everyone, that no one could stop talking about the dress!

Taylor Swift in Atelier Versace

Taylor Swift made a statement not only by picking up a few Grammys up herself but this dress, is out of this world! She chose a two piece outfit, the simple orange bandeaux top to this lovely pearly shine bright pink skirt that has so many things going on. The lovely high waisted maxi skirt with a very high slit is amazing!

Adele in Givenchy

I like how Adele went for an elegant black gown with hints of sparkle shimmering in the light. I think she looked beautiful, and we all know that alot people love black so this could be the gown for you! Also she really is rocking that bob it goes nicely with this long gown. 

Ariana Grande in Romono Keveza

This is the first time I have come across this designer and I am simply WOWed by the dress. First of all the colour is just the right shade of red. I love the fluted skirt with the long train it's so beautiful and that corset styled bodice is very sexy but gives the dress an elegant feel!

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Leave a comment on what you loved about the Grammys this year.

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