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NYFW Fall 2016 #1 : Starting with Two Designers

February 25, 2016

Hello my lovelies I hope you all are well. So I am going to aim to post this before it hits midnight in the UK, but looks like this might be unlikely. If I am successful actually finishing this post then you know I have hit that publish button and you have sat down to gander over the most awaited post. Also you have probably noticed that it says '#1' and you know what that means, Yes there will be a part 2 to NYFW! So make sure you stay tuned!
Enough rambling on to all things NYFW......
Now I have decided to talk about the first two designers that really rocked New York Fashion Week for me and they are Carolina Herrara and Tommy Hilfiger. They really rocked the catwalk for me and the pieces they showcased on the catwalk will give you all kinds of feels!
Carolina Herrara
Starting with Carolina Herrara, my first encounter with this designer was with her perfume 'Sexy 212' which I really liked in my teens, not so keen on it now. When I heard that she would be showcasing her new designs at NYFW I was rather intrigued and I thought I wonder what she will pull out the bag. Reason being I have had a glance at some of her previous collections and she stays with the pastel colours. 
So I short-listed four dresses I adored from the new collection. the purple dress is really hot and sexy, especially that revealing bodice! That deep V neckline, is similar to a corset style but with a twist. I LOVE the colour very bright and vibrant for the season and the skirt is really flowy and delicate! Not what I expected. 
Moving onto the second piece, there is something that draws me to it! Either it the colour of this refreshing pale mint skirt and the design of the skirt reminds me of wave like movements! What I am trying to say is it resembles ripples in the water, you know when rains drops onto a pond/lake! There is something peaceful about this piece! Amazing....
The third dress is a bit more structured and more fancy, from the spaghetti strap bodice to the full skirt with a slight train. I love the pretty flowers appliqu├ęd onto the dress. Simple but very effective, the dress has a pearly shine to it which makes it that extra special. 
The last dress is fairly simple but the skirt reminds me of petals and the colour is beautiful. A lovely dress to wear. If there was a meadow full of flowers then this dress would be there giving its pearly shine which would capture great likeness against the clear blue sky!
Tommy Hilfiger
So Tommy Hilfiger is a designer I heard alot of when growing up! Very well known designer worldwide. This collection was really distinct for me. Let's talk about Mr Hilfiger, now looking at the the first and last dress, do you sense a sailor vibe! Don't you think it reminds you of the dresses from the sailor style, but these dresses have definitely been revamped to suit this era. I tell you no sailor dress has ever had leather incorporated into it and neither has it been sequin decorated! I really like the way this collection has been thought out, difference with a twist!
The second outfit is the blouse, which has the infinity loop detail which is just WOW. I love the peter pan collar that goes with it! I think Gigi looks outstanding in this outfit and who thought a blouse would go this great with retro styled shorts! She looked hot and rocked the NYFW for me!
One piece I really adored was the cape that you see in the third image. I just love the way it falls and I feel that it is exactly what we need for the fall season later this year. I am really intrigued whether any high streets will actually adapt and incorporated this style for the upcoming fall/winter season!
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Also stay tuned for the part 2 to this post!
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