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NYFW Fall 2016 #2 : Marchesa & Oscar De La Renta

February 26, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are well and Happy Friday! YAY! I have come to the realisation that Mid February to the start of March is very hectic for the fashion industry. All these fashion weeks happening all around the world. New York kicks everything off and it finishes in Paris, as well as making trips to London and Milan along the way. So you will know that over the next two weeks my posts will be about what the collections that stood out for me in those fashion weeks. This is so exciting. 
As I said yesterday, I think it was.... Yeah it was yesterday. I would be releasing a part 2 to this post and here is it. I am going to talk about the dresses that blew the internet to pieces when the NYFW was going on. Let's get this party started!
On to all things NYFW.....
So as you can see by the title I have two designers that I will be talking about which are Marchesa and Oscar De La Renta. These two designers are exceptional at what they do. Even though I am not new to Oscar De La Renta's work, he always ceases to amaze me somehow. On the other hand Marchesa was the talk of all fashion magazines as I scrolled through my various social media.  
To kick this off I will be talking about 8 Marchesa dresses because I was so amazed with there collection at New York Fashion Week. I got excited with the whole collection that I managed to short-list 8. 
So here are my 4 shades of Gold Marchesa. As I was going through the whole collection I kept seeing glimmers of gold and I was like wow each dress represents the colour in a unique way. From the styles to the detail, everything is just magical!
Let's take the first dress for instance, the embellishment is just wow, you can see that a lot of  work has gone into this dress. The designer's vision has been executed brilliantly in the way that the embellishment does not go all the way down the dress. I think the right amount of balance has been struck here and the details of the dress reminds me of a forest princess, it has a quite earthy vibe don't you think?!
The second dress is totally different, the vibe you get from this dress is glitz, glamour and red carpet feel. I feel this dress would be perfect for the Oscars, the gold is not full on at all. It's a very elegant dress and has the shimmer in all the right places. And the bodice is amazing the detail is very simple and subtle but for me it's the skirt that steals the show! It sends me to a dream like state ......
Now the third dress is something you would see people of royalty wear. The cascading light sequin work going into the skirt. The skirt holds all the drama, overflowing tulle shaped in a ruffle like manner, it really is something. I think this dress is garment you stand back and think WOW, Marchesa  should be very proud!
The fourth dress is a favourite for the uniqueness out of the gold collection I have selected, my mind fails to express words for this dress. The dress is like a crochet/lace  styled pattern which I really like, it reminds me of something Dolce would do! And the colour is spectacular its like a matte gold with a slight shine finish! If I could pick one out of these four to wear it would definitely be the fourth dress!
If you have scrolled down to this point then I know you have enjoyed my thoughts on the Marchesa Gold collection. But we have not finished with Marchesa yet, there are another four dresses. These four each represent something different!
Starting with this royal blue midi dress, I have to say that the colour is exceptional. When looking through this collection my eye was drawn  to the colour straight away! It's vibrant and bright and you can see the little details popping out. I love the appliqu├ęd flowers and the use of metallic embroidery for the leaves and stalk. Long sleeve never looked any better. But hold that thought.....
......As we move onto the next dress that has long sleeves. This pale pink dress is really pretty, I feel like it mimics what a little girl would wear, there is definitely a youthful feel to it! It is one for a girly girl, long maxi dress with a little pearly pink belt/waistband. The flowers are the right shade of pink to go with this light dress. You feel one with beautiful things, with this dress!
Do you remember when I said that each dress represents something different, well if this dress does not stand out then I don't know what does. One word..... Feathers. I have seen that feathers has made a real appearance into fashion recently and I feel it will really emerge into everyday fashion. The colour of dress is amazing, but the feathers give it that WOW factor that many people look for in a dress! I just love the way they sprout out of the dress.
Saving the best till last is an understatement when talking about Marchesa but this dress is amazing and quite mysterious. I think it's the colour that gives off this vibe for reason being it's dark and has striking dark purple flowers going down the dress. It's a dress with a difference and definitely a daring one for any girl to wear. I love the metallic black embroidery and the tulle is creeping in everywhere. There are so many variations of it in this dress, this dress is breathtaking. Marchesa please take a bow!
Oscar De La Renta
Wow I have finished Marchesa already and I head onto Oscar De La Renta.  Now his collection was quite simple but had hints of greatness running through it. Look at the coat for instance, it is very elegant and the style is very simple. It has a damask style pattern and that tie fur collar is so cute. I feel this trend will be staying with us for a little while, I mean what's life without little fur!
Moving onto the black dress, I really like the light sweet heart neckline and the bodice is really nice with the slight structure. The skirt is what made me include it. Lace, lace, and more lace, I just love the lace overlay it's one thing I cannot take my eyes away from! Simple but stylish!
Now the third dress is where the greatness has started to arose, the skirt is what I love! It's like a marble effect between the gold and black, its spectacular to look at ! Very well executed and I feel that gold is a colour this season to watch out for!
I don't know what it is with me but I am deeply drawn to the colour blue, I just love this colour and that is why I picked it. The sequin bodice is not overpowering which I really like, and the cage styled skirt is very similar to a watercolour wash! I feel that Oscar De La Renta has took some artistic vision and injected it into this collection which is really amazing!
Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did then please leave a like!
Leave a comment, On what you loved about NYFW. 
Look out for my London Fashion Week post!
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