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Paris Couture Week 2016 - Armani Prive and Stephanie Rolland

February 05, 2016

Hello my lovelies and Happy Friday! I hope you all are doing fine. Now if your remember I posted a Paris Couture Week post on Saturday and I mentioned how I would be doing a part 2. Here it is!!
The two designers I spoke about in the previous post was Giambattista Valli and Ralph & Russo, I will leave a link below. 
On to all things fashion designers....

Armani Prive
Starting off with Armani I was so surprised with some of the pieces they showcased at Paris Couture Week, I know you are thinking why?! Well they definitely took the colour pale pearly blue to the next level.

The first dress is very magical, the spaghetti strap embellished bodice with a cocoon shaped skirt is really nice. the shimmery lines throughout the skirt is what you eye keeps getting drawn to.

The second outfit is really spectacular, the frill lines running across the top against the sheer fabric is really something. The flowy shaping on the trousers remind me of jellyfishes floating in the sea. And the velvet belt just adds that finishing touch to the outfit.

The third dress is quite similar to the first one but do not let that mistake you when paying attention to detail. They may be similar in colour palette but both dresses showcase something different. This dress is more edgy with that deep plunging neck line. The skirt reminds me of the ocean and how the waves flow. It has an resemblance to a mermaid tail, like the way it would move in the water.

This Armani Prive collection is definitely something to consider when thinking to make a statement whatever the occasion!

Stephanie Rolland
Now this designer, is one I have recently discovered and all I can say is this season is definitely about the pleats, drapery and statement bodices.
There were two dresses that stood out for me, the first one being the malt brown and black contrast dress. I love the bodice with the long sleeved cuffs, and the skirt with all the ruffles are really nice.
The second dress was the one that caught my eye and made me want to look into this designer's collection. Red is such a beautiful colour regardless of the designer but Stephanie has really incorporated it well in this design. The bodice is just wow, it is so unique and very different to what I have seen in this Paris Couture Week and you can never go wrong with pleats and midi sleeves!

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Leave a comment below of what you loved most about the Paris Couture Week?

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