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SS16 : Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab

February 12, 2016

Hello my lovelies I hope you all are well and Happy Friday! I am back with a fashion inspired post. I know many of my readers enjoy these types of posts about famous designers releasing new collections. I have released two posts on the Paris Couture Week where I spoke about four designers who rocked the catwalk. But these two designers are my absolute favourite, they were the designers I mentioned when I newly started blogging.  
On to all things Designers......

I am going to start off with Zuhair Murad, now this designer is amazing when it comes to painting a picture in your mind. The pieces Zuhair Murad designs are breathtaking and makes you stand back and admire what has been created! I have short-listed my top 6 designs from the 2016 collection.

Zuhair Murad

The first outfit is something I really admire, from the lace trousers which I feel will be a great trend to hit the fashion retailers this season but the top is magnificent, the collared detail, peplum waist, sheer sleeves, AMAZING!

Now the second outfit is so dramatic, They have taken a duster coat style and added a gown type skirt, so it resembles a cape style but on a different level. I just LOVE it. Imagine only seeing the back of the woman and thinking what a lovely gown and then BAM she turns around and your left shell shocked that it is in fact a jacket!

The third outfit being the mini dress, is very different. My initial thoughts on this piece is that my eye drew to the bodice at first, the lines running down the bodice is a really nice touch. Also the shaping of the neckline is curved which gives emphasis to the caged skirt. I really like how the skirt has a sense of stiffness to it!

Zuhair Murad

Now these long gowns are really something, I feel Zuhair Murad really knows floral this season and these three dresses all represent that.

Looking at the first dress, it really brings out the vine/branch detail they have going on. The way they have designed this dress shows they have paid attention to how they wanted people to see the dress. Confused? Let me explain, this dress shows how the vines and branches are running down the dress like how they would actually grow in nature. It is really beautiful. 

The second dress is a favourite and if I could wear one then I would definitely pick this one. First of all the colour is really lovely, so subtle yet so refreshing. I love how it is shorter at the front with a long train at the back, its so magical! Th floral detail is scattered like how you would find flowers if they had fallen on the dress, and the pops of colour from the reds to the pinks make it really special!

Now the last dress is quite something, the colour is something not alot of people would warm to but its not too strong instead its light which makes people more intrigued. The cascading floral detail on the bodice following down the dress is really nice, but the flowing skirt is what I really like. It reminds me of a petal moving in the wind!

Wow so I took you on a Journey through the world of Zuhair Murad and my favourite 6 pieces from this new collection. But I haven't stopped there so continue to scroll down......

Now Elie Saab is a designer I adore for his eye for detail in the way he embellishes dresses, they are mesmerising and I can see that there has been a lot of hard work put into each and every dress he designs. Like Zuhair Murad I have short-listed 6 dresses for Elie Saab.

Elie Saab
The blush coloured dress is one I really like,  for so many reasons. If you have been following my blog for some time then you know I am a lover of lace, and lace work is incredible on this dress. The bohemian style to the dress is really nice, I feel like I could wear this if I attended a beach wedding. From the long sleeves to the frills which add great movement to the dress, definitely one I would treasure for ever. 

So the next two dresses really show my love for tulle. This type of tulle is not overpowering it adds to the dress itself to complete it. What brought my eyes to attention is the details on the bodices. 

Looking at the lilac/mauve dress, the bodice is really different. High necked neckline with at peplum frill at the bottom, but the embellishment reminds me of something you would find in history, so it gives the model a timeless feel! 

The white gown on the other had is very princessy, it's the type of dress a princess would wear to a ball, the detail is just right to give you a sparkle in all the right places. The belt is a really lovely touch, who would have thought it, that a belt would make the finishing piece to the dress!

Elie Saab
These three gowns bring something different, and gives it that extra edge to it. 

I picked another white lace styled dress, which for me gives off a victorian feel. I love how Elie Saab has incorporated many different patterns and shapes into one dress, and I would definitely consider adding this to my wish list but I would be scared to ruin the true beauty if something got spilled on it.

This blue dress first of all has a great bold colour to it. This dress reminds me of a modern take on an Indian sari. I love the thick strap style fabric being draped across to the waist and the skirt screams drama! From the sheer fabric to the small embellished detail to embroidery it really is portraying a sense of elegance!
The last gown has a key feature which I really liked and feel many designers may incorporate this feature in future designs to come. And that feature is the criss cross deep V neckline, it's really something isn't it?! It shows off enough flesh and gives the dress that extra edge to it!

Wow as this post has came to an end I have realised this is my 100th post, what a way to hit a milestone! 

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did then please leave a like!

Leave a comment on your favourite Zuhair Murad or Elie Saab piece for their new collection!

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