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Valentino February #2 Iconic Career Moments

February 10, 2016

Hello my lovelies I hope you all are well. I know this post was suppose to be live yesterday, but I was experiencing a bad toothache as my wisdom teeth are coming through! *sigh* Anyway I am feeling slightly better today and thought I might as well write this post!

On to all things Valentino February....

So in last week's post I gave you an overview of who Valentino Garavani was. This week we are going to explore into his career and see what made him stand out in fashion!

Let's start off with the very beginning, a young Valentino went to Paris to become a designer that no one will ever forget, because at that time Paris was where Designers were made! After gaining experience from working for many fashion houses, he decided to open one for himself but that did not end too well. So we fast forward into the mid-sixties where Valentino returned to Rome and it was here where he released an collection called 'Valentino's alta moda' this collection had a great reaction for the Italian designer. 

He decided that he would draw attention to Italy's traditions of artisan craftsmanship and use Rome as a source of forward looking fashion ideas. The key to Valentino's success was indeed his vision by which women were drawn to. Women knew that when they wore a Valentino dress he designed the dress with the women in mind and the aim was to make them look even more beautiful. I guess no one can really complain with that!

As Valentino was being a revolutionary throughout Italy he struck a great deal when his gowns were going to be showcased in Hollywood. This was any designers dream to know that a popular actress would be wearing a dress that  would showcase that designer on international platforms. The first actress he designed for was Elizabeth Taylor for the film Cleopatra. This was the beginning of many for him. 

That is all from this week, next week I will be doing a review post about the sources I used to understand Valentino.

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