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Valentino February #3 Book & Film Review

February 16, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are well. So as I mentioned last week I am going to be talking about the sources I have used in this month's designer of the month to assist me in gathering knowledge to write these posts. When this post comes along I come to the realisation that the Valentino February is coming to an end. The month has gone so fast!

On to all things Valentino .....

The sources I used this month was a book and a film.

Vogue on: Valentino Garavani (Vogue on Designers) - £14.88

If you have been following the Designer of the month series then you know I have really liked using the Vogue on Designers books because I feel they really capture the essence of the information you need to start off with. The Valentino Garavani one is really good, there are more images of the dresses he designs. There is alot of good information about his career I found very intriguing and useful when creating the posts for this month. 

If you were not much of a Valentino fan before then after this book I think you will be, not only does it capture him as a designer, it captures him as a person which is really amazing!

Valentino: The Last Emperor [DVD] - £9.96

The DVD was AMAZING! It gives you a great insight into how he is as a designer and how he has lasted 45 years in the industry! He's a designer many fashion designers only dream of being, I loved the line "I love beauty" and that is what he manages to capture in every collection. Hands down my favourite designer so far in this series!

He talks about how he always wanted to be a fashion designer, there are glimpses of how manic things are when getting the models ready for the catwalk to making sure the garments are ready to be seen by the world. And how can I forget the partnership between Valentino Garavani and Giancario Giammetti, definitely a film you need to watch if your a lover of fashion! 

That is all from this week, next week I will be doing my favourite Valentino collections to finish Valentino February off.

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