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Valentino February #4 Favourite Collections

February 23, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are well. I know that I did say that I was going to be posting a NYFW post on either the weekend or the start of this week (yesterday) but I want to tell you why I didn't post it. Yesterday morning I woke up to an email stating that my Google + Profile was suspended on grounds I will explain in my new video on the weekend. I was extremely distressed and worried but it has been restored now and I am so relieved. I will be posting part one of the NYFW tomorrow, so look out for that!

On to all things Valentino Garavani for the last time....

We have been on a right journey throughout the month and Valentino has showed us so much greatness as I have researched more into his career. So let's explore more into what I have loved. 

I am going for the newer collection to start off with, these shoes have been the craze especially last year! I think every girl only dreams of owning a pair of Valentino shoes, even though I am not a fan of the pointed toe shoe, but I LOVE these shoes! I want to own a pair one day and treasure them forever! Any girl who wears a pair of Valentino's, you know they are wearing them for a special event!

From shades of red, to the intricacy of detail Valentino will be a designer that will always be known for knowing how to dress a women. He just knew how women felt in a dress and wanted to recreate every time he designed something new!

Paris Collection Spring/Summer 2006
This collection was an amazing one for me, especially when everyone was questioning about whether Valentino was going to retire after this or not. However when Valentino did decide to step down, he went out with a bang. If you want to know more about this collection then I do recommend you to watch his film. He shows you the behind the scenes of this collection as well as showcasing his 45th Anniversary collection, what a man!

I am going to leave you with some wise words from Mr Valentino Garavani,

'I wanted to show what really is couture. Many do it, few know how to do it.' - Valentino

'I love beauty. It's not my fault.' - Valentino

'I think I have succeeded through all these decades because I was always concerned with making beautiful clothes.' - Valentino

' I want to make a girl who arrives someplace make people turn and say - You Look Sensational!' - Valentino

That is all from this week, next week I will be introducing a new designer of the month.

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