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McQueen March #2 His Career

March 08, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are well. I know it has been a while since I have posted on my blog the reason is that I was not too well over the weekend. I am a bit better now and I am here to post part 2 to McQueen March, also I will try to finish the fashion weeks posts this week. So that is something to look forward too.

On to all things McQueen March.....

As I stated in the last McQueen March post I will be looking into his career and how he developed into the fashion industry. A young 16 year old McQueen left school with only one qualification that was in art. Now that is so shocking, when thinking how far he has come. I think education is good to a certain degree but it is the drive, passion and desire that really helps you to succeed and better yourself in life.

His first job was at Anderson & Sheppard who were tailors by appointment to the British Royal Family. He really acknowledged the value of skills he learnt there. He portrayed how hard working and focused he was when working for this business. It's amazing how quickly he learnt and mastered many skills within a year, I guess that is what moulded him into the great designer he is today.

So let's fast forward a couple of years to his 20th birthday, this is where he started to work and create costumes for theatre productions in London. An important influence in McQueen's design was women in the 19th century, which it very interesting because that era held a great deal of techniques and styles which are incorporated in his work. One thing I found intriguing about Alexander McQueen is the fact that he recycled old clothes to create breathtaking pieces, this is amazing!

The next career jump that helped Alexander McQueen was working for the Italian designer Romeo Gigli where he learnt the art of self promotion. What he meant by this was as well as being a good designer you must know how to portray and market yourself as a person, and that is why he felt he succeeded in England. 

In 1991 he returned to London in hope to work for Central Saint Martins College but instead they encouraged him to enrol on the College's Masters Degree Course in Fashion Design. In 1992 he graduated with a distinction, his degree collection was inspired by his famous serial killer and his victims called 'Jack the Ripper Stalks his Victims'. Taking inspiration from the Victorian times, there were pink frock coats, black silk jackets with blood red lining which you can tell that the historic times was heavily influenced in this collection.

That is all from this week, next week I will be exploring some of his famous collections. 

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