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McQueen March #4 Famous Collections

March 23, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are well. I know it has been a while since I have posted and I would like to explain why the blog has been absent and dead for the lack of posts, make sure you check this week's video where I will explain the reasons for this. 
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On to all things McQueen March.....
So as I said in last week's post, in this post I will talk about my favourite collections by McQueen and to me, these are my favourite three I have short listed. 
The Overlook, Autumn/Winter 1999
Gatliff Road Warehouse, London 23 February 1999

First collection, I will be talking about is a collection that was in his early years as a designer. I really like the uniqueness he portrayed through this collection by gathering inspiration from the film 'The shining' ( The Overlook was the name of the hotel in the film). You can really see how the frozen scenery brings the depth of all these outfits as well showing the transition into the next century.

He wanted to create a darkness with this collection and I can feel it from the clothes he designed. You can see that each outfit has a sense of darkness waiting to unfold and there is something intriguing from the pieces I have chosen.

The coiled corset is what everyone was talking about which you can see in the third image. His inspiration for this piece was from the Ndebele Women of South Africa, I think it's amazing how he constructed such a fine piece and it's incredible to look at.
The Girl Who Lived In The Tree, Autumn/Winter 2008
Palais Omnisports De Paris-Bercy, Paris 29 February 2008
Fast forwarding about 9 years to this next collection called 'The Girl Who Lived In The Tree', this was centred around a fairytale narrative devised by McQueen about a girl who descends from a tree to marry a prince and who then became a queen. 
I am a girl for detail and this collection caught my fancy by the incredible embroidery work on many of the garments. You can see the embroidery in a closer shot down below. He also gathered inspiration from India and I guess I can see this from the intricacy, delicateness of the way the garment flows, as well as the fabrics used in this collection. I guess this a different side to McQueen which is not often showcased in his collections, which is truly magical.
The Girl Who Lived In The Tree, Autumn/Winter 2008
Palais Omnisports De Paris-Bercy, Paris 29 February 2008
Autumn/Winter 2010
Hotel De Clermont - Tonnerre Paris 10 March 2010

The last collection to finish off with is, this one that is 6 years old. I guess it will always be a special collection to all McQueen lovers as it was the one before he died. I mean if you ever had to go out in style then this was the collection to do this. 

I do not have many words, as this collection was mesmerising. I have much admiration in what he created and portrayed in this collection. I feel we should all take a moment to look at the pieces and say that he definitely made his statement in fashion, and as a designer!
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