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Milan Fashion Week AW16 #2 - Gucci and Versace

May 20, 2016

Hello my lovelies I hope you are having a great day and looking forward to the weekend! I know what you are thinking, she's back with another post! Yes I wanted to finish Milan Fashion Week this week, So here I am! 

On to all things Milan Fashion Week....

So in my first Milan Fashion Week which I posted yesterday, the designer that was featured was Dolce & Gabbana. In this post I really like these two designers, for the reason being that they are so different from each other and I loved the pieces they designed in their new collection.

Versace is not really a stranger to my blog as I have mentioned the designer before in award show/red carpet posts. Whereas Gucci is new, because I don't think I have really talked about there clothes, but they really stood out in Milan for me.


As Gucci is new to my blog, let's start with their collection first. I really like the colours and patterns, Gucci have used. What I love about the first dress is the floral bodice matched with the patterned skirt, I never thought that this shade of green would look so good against the pink roses! 

I'm telling you collars are a thing this upcoming season and expect them to be incorporated with many dresses. I am interested to see what high street shops will do with these designs! The satin/silk baby pink dress will go well for evening wear, and it's such a simplicity design that makes an impact anywhere! 

What I adore most about the red dress is the ruffles on the sleeves and fur styled cuffs on the end of the sleeves, amazing! Now not only does the last dress feature one of my favourite fabric's which is velvet, but the chiffon sheer sleeves look really nice!


Moving onto the accessories, well what can I say Gucci like to make an impact with their outfits but that does not mean they stray away from detail. Check out those zebra heels with a tale, so cool and different which I like! And the bags are WOW, I would add them to my wishlist!


Now Versace kept it quite simple by experimenting with blue hues, but I love the leather they introduced. Very shiny and really goes well with each piece. I think in the upcoming season we will be seeing more of the fabric leather because there is so much you can do with it, plus having a leather skirt in your wardrobe will always give your outfit an edge.

I really like the leather skirt Versace has designed plus partnered with a jumper is practically my best friend. As I have a bit of a jumper obsession! Plus the colour is really nice and would go with a number of outfits. But what's interesting is the leather coat that has been partnered with the fur, it's very intriguing and perfect for rain weather, all UK people can relate!


Now the Versace bags are *insert heart eyed emoji here* I just love the range of styles they have. But if you look carefully the round pompom accessory that has been a craze lately, Versace has transformed it into a furry skunk tail, which I think is cute! 

That is all for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading the post. 

If you did then please leave a like and why not leave a comment below telling me your favourite Gucci or Versace piece!

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