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Why life should be about making memories? #GOMO

July 21, 2016

Hello my lovelies I hope you are enjoying the hot UK weather. So I recently came across Eventbrite and they are running a fun summer project and after much thought I conjured some ideas and thought what the heck let's get involved!

The current generation have evolved vastly in the world of technology and the youth generation are most likely to stay at home and not wonder into the beautiful nature of the world. I mean who am I to judge I have fallen into the trap many times of staying at home rather then going out. 

However as I gaze on instagram and double tap those beautiful photos of people having fun and enjoying life, I think to myself instead of being part of FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out) I know I would rather be part of GOMO (Going Out More Often). Fear is something that restricts you from living life to the absolute max and often you miss out on the crazy and wonderful things in life.... BUT today say goodbye to FOMO and say Hello to GOMO. 

When the weather is beautiful outside you should not be sitting inside thinking about what you're going to watch on Netflix, I mean come who isn't guilty of that, INSTEAD you should be calling your friends to link up or even arranging a day trip with the family. The world is your oyster, own it!

When you are older and your children ask you what you did for fun when Summer arrived what are you going to tell them, that you sat at home ALL Summer and watched Netflix?! OR would you say that you called your friends, arranged a shopping trip, then got lost on the journey to your destination and scouted hours for a restaurant that you all finally agreed upon and then caught a late movie and met some lovely people on your way to a ice cream parlour at 3am! Am I going on a bit, well that is what life is about, it's about going out there and defeating the fear and enjoying the outside beauty and fresh air.

Your GOMO bucket list this Summer can be so small but you can make amazing memories if you go and explore the world, when I go out with my family and enjoy our scintillating conversations I sit there and think how lucky I am to have lovely people to share my experience with! It's always about the little things in life whether it is a picnic for 50 or a movie for 2 just remember that could be a day to remember!

If you are rather persuaded by what I have said and discussed in this post and feel yes this Summer I will go out more and organise events then feel free to check out the link below. This link will direct you to the Eventbrite event page where you can organise your personal events, for example if you want to meet new bloggers then this page will be great to use! I used there website to buy my tickets to #Bloggersball and that will be an experience I will never forget. You can even locate events in your area that you may be interested, so what are you waiting for, make this Summer a Summer to remember! #GOMO

This link will direct you to the Eventbrite event page where you can organise your personal events and track RSVP's online by clicking the link below.   

Click here if you are interested in making memories

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