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Elie Saab: A Tale of Fallen Kings

July 14, 2017

When Haute Couture week hits the media, you can be sure to see a flow of posts hitting my blog! There is something about Haute Couture that I really love! I think it's where I get to see the greatest designs and work from my favourite designers.

On what better way to kick the Haute Couture posts with my favourite design, Elie Saab! This man never seems to disappoint, collection after collection and he hits the mark every time!

Let's take a moment to understand the name of the collection: A Tale of Fallen Kings. My interpretation of what he is trying to portray through the collection, is a sense of rebellion. Women feel empowered and feel like they can conquer anything. The cuts and designs show how women are fearless like warriors. On the other hand there are pieces that show great elegance, beauty and free spirit which really projects a tale that is being told!

This collection focuses on forest like colours, i.e blues, greens and black. Those colours really bring out the designs and the cuts, embroidery and embellishment really pulls the whole collection together. I like how there is something for everyone and there are so many styles to chose from.

Each dress represents styles from different eras, like what different princesses would have worn in different decades. I see velvet is a fabric that has come back, sheer is still standing strong from last season. Lace is creeping in here and there!

Whether it is a fashion week or a Haute Couture collection, for me, he is the designer to look out for. His collections never disappoint and I wonder what will he do next.

Down below, I have selected my favourite dresses that I have loved form this collection!

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it!

What did you love most about his collection? What dress caught your eye?

Leave a comment below.

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